Top Tips to Boost Lead Generation for Your Law Firm

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Even in this digital scenario, lead generation for law firms still relies on word-of-mouth referrals. While this method works, you law firm should not be fully dependent on this method to generate leads. There are effective ways for generating a flow of new business: digital lead generation.

Online lead generation is one of the most effective tools for lawyers who don’t want to sacrifice their work schedule while also bringing in new business. Here are some tips to generate quality leads for your law firm business.

Your law firm website should be well-optimized

If you want your law firm website to receive traffic that can convert to a lead for your law firm, you need to ensure that the website is optimized with right webpage layouts. This means accessing your law firm website on desktop, laptop and a mobile phone as if one was a first-time visitor to the webpage. Make a note of anything that would aggravate a visitor and make them click off your website.

Don’t ignore issues like long loading time of your website, difficult to read text due to improper layout for mobiles and long text without CTAs. Your website visitors should stay on the webpage long enough to get the relevant information they need and find a way to make contact.

Use CTAs to enhance your website visitors engagement

Once your law firm’s website is well-optimized, there should be many CTAs present on your webpages that gives website visitors a point to move forward in their decision making process to contact you. Call to action buttons should be same for every person that viewed your law firm website. These days websites are collecting user information that can be used to change this button for every person so that it is customized to each website visitor.

Dynamic call to action buttons can now take into account if a website visitor is a first-time visitor, if they are already existing client of your law firm, and even where they are physically located. This information can then be used to customize the CTA button that they see on their screen leading to higher rate of conversions.

Offer free downloads and increase your email lists

If anyone has ever shared their email address in exchange for a free download on the website, this is the proof that this strategy is highly effective. Offering a free download on your website is the powerful way to enhance the owner’s email list and begin a sales funnel with an individual.

Once your law firm receives the person’s email address, you can plug them into a sales funnel that can be automated. The new contact will receive automatic emails prompting further action that could lead to the legal firm gaining a new client.

Law SEO gives law firms quality clients at the low cost per lead of any other advertising method.

Final Thoughts

Enhance conversion rates, brand exposure, and customer retention with law firm SEO. At Power Funnels, we help you build a strong online presence that will influence online users to connect with your law firm for any legal advice. Contact us today to know more about our law SEO services.