Things You Should Learn from Your Cannabis Competitors

The word cannabis is spelled out in scrabble letters on a pink background.

The cannabis industry is on a path of exponential growth in response to expanding legalization. Know who are your strong cannabis business competitors and learn from them– particularly the ones who are competing you exceptionally.

The aim isn’t to follow what they are doing exactly. You just need to enhance upon their existing tricks and make them fit your CBD brand.

Here are some points you should learn from your cannabis brand competitors.

The Thing that Makes their Brand Name Unique

When people are choosing between two products, they want to know differences, not similarities. People are looking for products that stand out. They want the products to be crystal clear so that they need to waste their time trying to decide which product is better.

When you know your competitor’s brand identity, it will help you understand their philosophy, the kinds of products they provide, and what their target market is. Try to compare their brand identity with your brand. Are they unique? Do you stand apart from your competitors?

If there are some areas of overlap in your marketing strategy, how can you improve upon what your competitors are already doing?

Understand their Online Marketing Strategy

Your competitor’s business website can provide a lot of information. You can take information about their products, their prices, attractive deals and special discounts they offer to their customers, etc. If there is a “About Us” page on their website, you can simply learn the identities of the company’s major players.

Also, consider their website design and how it is to navigate their business website. How does it compare to your brand’s website? Is it superior in particular areas but lacking in a few?

After a detailed review, sign up for their mailing list so you can get insight into their email marketing technique.

Although you won’t be able to see how effective their marketing campaigns are, you will still be able to observe their overall marketing strategy, including their email designs.

Which social media platforms do your competitors use generally? What types of posts do they write? What’s their audience like?

Know and Understand their Sales Funnel Structure

There are some cannabis accessories and CBD products which can be legally purchased online.  If you work strictly in the medical and recreational cannabis industry and can’t start your online sales, cannabis dispensaries are now giving their customers the choice of placing their orders online for hassle-free in-store pickup.

If you are planning to design an e-commerce page for your cannabis business, you can learn a lot by studying the essential aspects of your competitors’ online sales funnels: landing pages, menu choice, all the product descriptions, shopping carts, and different payment methods.

There are different techniques you can choose to improve your cannabis business. Set your brand apart from the competition with the professional Cannabis Marketing Agency.

Final Thoughts

Update yourself with what’s trending in the cannabis industry. At Power Funnels, our highly trained professionals can help grow your cannabis brand, increase sales, and set your cannabis brand apart from the competition. Contact us today to know more about our cannabis marketing techniques.