Things Healthcare Practitioners Get Wrong about Search Engine Rankings

Health care web development.

You have got an attractive healthcare website. You want people to find it online easily. SEO is about updating the quality content, performance, and user experience of your website in order for it to appear higher in the SERPs.

This is more important for healthcare facilities than ever before. While patients once chose doctors based on word-of-mouth, these days patients do online research. It is quite easy to get some things wrong when you are trying to rank high in the SERPs for your healthcare facility.

You are not your target market

One of the main things in ranking higher in the SERPs involves determining what patients are looking for. There are many online tools that can help you figure out which keywords rank highest. There are paid keyword search tools, or you can find through the free keyword planner.

While searching target keywords, healthcare professionals often forget that you are not your target market. Try to find what search terms people are typing and use data to target keywords throughout your healthcare website.

Concentrating on the desktop version of your healthcare website only

Your healthcare website doesn’t look similar on a desktop as it does on your mobile. Your mobile website design should have same content as it appears on your computer screen. Thus, there is a need for a responsive website design. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you get penalized by Google. Choose a responsive website design for your healthcare website with the help of professional Healthcare Web Developer.

Neglecting the quality of content you share online

The major search engines look for various things when deciding how your business website should rank in the SERPs. There is no doubt that the target keywords you think should rank high for your website. Also, when competing for healthcare search engine rankings, the quality of information you share online should be of high quality.

Ignoring Website Elements

The search engine looks for an exceptional user experience for users visiting your website. That’s amazing for users, but hard for businesses. Your healthcare website’s user experience should be well-optimized if you don’t want to be penalized in Google. Ensure fast page loading time to provide the best user experience.

Final thoughts

Top quality SEO means staying on top of google updates and continuously adding engaging content to your website. The perfect way to stay on top of search engine is with the help of healthcare SEO professionals. Contact us today to know more about our healthcare SEO services.