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Pavel Peroutka

Founder at PavelImages.com

"To help establish my photography business presence online, I had Power Funnels build my website. Besides building a professional looking site, they provided great marketing tips as well. Throughout the process, the Power Funnels team was responsive and great to work with. Very pleased with the final product."

Jeff Peroutka

Founder at Pror.io

"It's been a joy working with Lee and his Power Funnels team. After working together for several months now, I'm constantly blown away by their level of expertise in the industry as well as superior customer service. They truly are an agency that can take you where you need to be. Highly recommend it!"

Imagine Violet

Imagine Violet: Bangladeshi Canadian Artist

"I hired Lee and his team to help with a digital marketing strategy and SEO which can be overwhelming for any small business owner. In less than 60 days, he was able to rank my keyword in the top 3 of Google searches! They have helped me increase sales and traffic to my website much better than I could have alone! What's great about him and his team is how attentive and caring they are. It's not about just selling services but they are very personable and really work with your needs and are very accommodating. As someone who works on the creative side, they're very great at breaking things down for me and including me in the process. They are amazing to work with!"

Christian J.R. Baker

Timely Medical Alternatives Inc.

"Lee and his whole team are a joy to work with. They are extremely responsive to all e-mails, and are great at explaining how the entire process worked. On top of that, they improved our online presence immensely, and we are very grateful for that. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring SEO or PPC work!"

Atish Singh

President & Operator Productive Building Maintenance

"Working with Lee and team has been a very simple and refreshing process! His team and him educated me every step of the way, and went above and beyond to help me. I’m unfortunately used to marketing agencies hiding information from me in the past, so it was very refreshing to have an honest team show me exactly what they did, and what the results that they generated were. Thanks again, Lee & Team. "

David Sypniewski

Founder at YAK Grills™

"Lee helped us exceed our crowdfunding goals by more than 300% and exceed our ROAS expectations all within a very compressed 6 week schedule while providing exceptional customer service and genuine care for our business. Couldn’t recommend Lee and his team more!"

Dave De Meyer

CEO and Founder The Million Dollar Club

"As Founder of the Million Dollar Club, I am extremely grateful to have Lee F. on our team. His accumulation of specialized knowledge that Lee not only delivered to the Million Dollar Club in a prompt and professional manner, but also eagerness to collaborate in a team oriented environment always elevated the moral of the goal and achievements. Lee is a true leader who initiates purposeful collaborative idea’s that will end in meaningful results. It is with great pleasure to call him my friend."


Max Yield Bins

"Lee and his team at Power Funnels have delivered as promised. As a start up with a lean in-house team, being able to focus on your strengths while the Power Funnels team focuses on theirs has been dollars well spent. We look forward to expanding services and building our business with their support. Highly recommend this team!"


Founder at NoGi BJJ Gear

"I hired Lee Futcher and his team to assist me in many areas of my e-commerce brand such as athlete development, digital strategy and operations. Working with Lee has been a great experience! He’s dependable, brings great ideas to the table, and has overall helped me expand my brand. He has strong skills in sales, digital marketing and customer service. I highly recommend Lee and his team. 5/5 "

Barbara L. McBean

President & Founder

"The decision to work with Power Funnels was a key factor in the growth of our success. We have increased sales despite the global pandemic with key marketing strategies and decisive planning to help guide how our ads are hitting our buying demographic.  Lee and his entire team are extremely professional.  We have worked with many local companies and often they were not available to answer our questions and just did a poor job in general. I was a bit nervous about going with a marketing firm not based in the same city as our head office.  I have to say that Lee and his team have exceeded our expectations.  As a business owner we all know that advertising and a strong lead generation system that delivers qualified leads is the engine of our business. Would I recommend Power Funnels, 100% I would! You won't regret it!!! "


Co-Founder of Scenic Rush

"We have been working with Lee and his team at Power Funnels to improve our digital marketing presence. In a short period of time, Lee has demonstrated that he understands our business and knows what we need to do to increase sales. Although we are primarily a tourism-based business, Lee has helped us adapt to the current global pandemic by adjusting our target audience. We are looking forward to working with Power Funnels moving forward. "


Founder & UI/UX Lead Designer of Switch Labs

"We have worked with lee on many different online media initiatives. He has excellent project management skills and is very communicative in his approach. We continue to use Lee for all of our social media and PPC advertising and highly recommend him to companies looking to retain new customers. "


Vice President of Sopel Studio

"I’ve been working with Lee and his team over the past 4 years. We originally brought Lee in to create sales funnels for our sculpture studio business but as we have worked together over the years, Lee and his team are now overseeing our social media, digital strategy and internal operations. One of the top campaigns that Lee and his team put together was our “Endorsed by Oprah and George Bush Senior” campaign which resulted in thousands of email sign-ups and 8 sculptures sold. We are more than happy to endorse Lee and his team for any of those who are needing an extra boost in their business. "

Reliable Capital

Top Finance Firm

"We hired Lee and his team to help us create our company from scratch. We had a business concept but no business name, no logo, no website, no marketing and no direction. What Power Funnels was able to do for us in 2 months time was unbelievable. They not only created a very professional and functional website, the team also setup key marketing channels, and consulted us in the direction of our company. The catalyst to our success however was the following: Power Funnels created over 18 ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Kajiji and from these campaigns (including email blasts), which helped us generate 8,300,000 of leads in 5 weeks. Yes: 8 million, three hundred thousand dollars of leads in 5 weeks. If you don’t believe me, reach out to me directly on http://www.ReliableCapital.ca and I will personally send you sales reports to show this. "

Trace Haskins

CEO, The Awesomeness Company

"Lee Futcher is my go-to guy for online marketing and traffic campaigns, especially for acquiring and converting cold leads. I love his work so much, I hire him to service all of my clients. Anyone with experience understands that the phrase ‘If you build it, they will come’ is a fairytale. 🙂 You need Lee on your team to drive traffic to your websites and marketing funnels. Period. Let him do his thing and put your trust in him … he will help you test ads, funnels, etc. until your online campaign is a well-oiled, scalable machine. Follow his process, and have faith in it. You can thank me later!” "

Mindy Paul

CEO & Founder MindyPaul.com

"Over the time Lee, his team and I have worked together, I have found him very professional, he also has a friendly personality, Lee isn’t one of those social media dudes that just wants to make a quick buck from his clients, he is there to get you results! Lee had great advice about the types of adverts that would be best suited in terms of images/headlines as well as targeting and quantification. What I also did like was that Lee has a great personality and an awesome sense of humour which is important to me. He also answered my questions, was patient, and he remained open minded to my suggestions while also giving his honest feedback and advice. "


Founder at Smart Budz

"We hired Lee and his team to build out Google and Facebook ads to generate traffic to our Cannabis store. Over the past few months of working together, Lee’s team has not only helped us stay on Google but they have also increased our revenue by 24% in the past 2 months. Thank you again Lee, Darren and team! "

Aldo Botello

Project Manager at Atoms E-Commerce

"I had the pleasure to work with Lee and his team for around 3 years now. My experience has been very positive! Lee is the guy you need to know. He has this vibe of a professional while being a friend which is hard to find nowadays. During all these years he taught me a lot and helped me during the planning and management of one of the most large projects I’ve worked on. He’s always open to hear ideas, pros and cons and the most important thing: Share constructive feedback. He has vast experience in PPC advertising and funnels so you can be sure that he and his team will provide high quality work that will please you. Lee and his team are always on my mind for feature projects. I highly recommend him!"

Waira Mendoza Angle

Project Manager at DigitalMassLabs.com

"Lee is a very skilled marketer and always looks to give value wherever he can. Working with him has really helped our company in a very short period of time. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business or improve their funnel. "

Connie Ramsey

Best Selling Author - Pugs Are People, Too

"Lee Futcher did an amazing job helping me with my book launch. His work on my website was outstanding, and in my opinion, he is the king of social media on Facebook. He is brilliant in creating fresh ideas for marketing ads and he walks you through the steps as you go through your book launch. Lee is a professional in every aspect and he is also very personable and so easy to work with. His positive, upbeat attitude keeps you energized and he stayed on top of the campaign from beginning to the end. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Lee. I highly recommend him for your social media and Digital marketing needs. "

Sofia Wren

Business Owner & Writer for The Awesomeness Company

"Lee and his team are at the top of their field. If you need assistance driving traffic, converting leads or improving your business, check them out. You’ll come across innovative thinking, new solutions, and tried-and-true methodology. I’m talking RESULTS. I’ve seen it over and over again with the clients that Power Funnels and I have helped serve through the Awesomeness Company. We’re talking Best Selling Authors and happy business people, over and over again. Lee and his team means business. They will be a pleasant surprise to work with and will help you make money. –"

Isabella Flores


"I have had the pleasure to know Lee Futcher for about 6 years, and all this time he has exposed strong work ethic, professionalism and knowledge on his area of work. Lee has prominent level of service and goes beyond and above to helping his clients, colleagues and associates. I highly recommend Lee for any marketing, social media or graphic design as he presents high-level strategy, strong marketing tactics input, and he can work with a variety of clients. With his ambition, commitment and eagerness to provide the best; I promise you no disappointment working with him."

Steve & Jackie Jackie VanderHoek

Restaurant Owners | ON Q Cuisine

"We hired Power Funnels to come in and help us build our new business. We had a vision for what we wanted to create, but we had no idea how to make our vision a reality. This is where Lee and his team came in and we are so happy that we were referred to the talented team at Power Funnels. What we were extremely surprised about was the teams wide-range of skills from website creation, social media and business development. In a month and a half’s time, Lee and his team created our online presence from nothing to something visually appealing and professional. One thing that we would like to say about Lee specifically and why his skills are different than other Marketers that we looked into: Lee had very creative business ideas that would help our business scale quickly and proficiently in areas such as operations, menu ideas / creation, expansion and systems. Also, he created and set a lot of things up that weren’t listed in our agreement. He and his team went the extra mile and this is why Lee is admired by many people! "

Tyler Bowles


"Lee and I met years ago through a mutual friend and through our passion for Social Media Marketing and helping business owners with their online development, Lee and I Co-Founded a Digital Marketing Consulting company called “Lions Consulting Group”. We ran the company successfully for over two years and grew our team from 0 employees to 6, and we worked with over 21 companies ranging from Startups to established corporations. Lee was the Creative Business Developer and Social Media Strategist of our company, and I saw him take not only our Marketing to the next level, but the client’s marketing whom we worked with. Lee blends not only creativity to his work, but also an analytical perspective which combines for extremely strong and high-level Marketing campaigns, and ultimately: quantifiable results."

Tom Ramsey

Author Slaying The Giants

"I have had the privilege of working with the Awesomeness team for a couple of years. My most recent project was my first book launch, and I have to admit I was pretty lost about what was needed. That is when I was introduced to Lee Futcher. Lee is a very bright and talented person when it comes to social media and marketing your products. Lee has a special gift for creating websites, landing pages and funnels that will lead your customers to and through the buying process and generate more sales for you. Oh, one more thing about Lee. When you work with Lee, he has a way of helping you to become a more creative and better version of yourself. I highly recommend Lee for all your social media/marketing needs. Lee delivers more in value than what you have paid."

Roger Basi

Re/Max Hall of Famer, Platinum Club, Medallian Club Member

"I hired Lee and his team to come into my office and coach me face-to-face his strategies to generate warm leads via sales funnels and advertising. Over four months we worked together multiple times a week, and I found Lee and his team to be very skillful, very organized, very well spoken and passionate about what he was teaching me. He answered my calls whenever I had questions or ideas (even when it was 10pm on a Sunday). That showed to me that Lee was dedicated to helping me achieve my business objectives. This is someone you need as a coach and or consultant, that’s something I know for sure. Thank you Lee, and team!"

Courtney Faulkner

Owner & Operator of The Fairy Dog Mama

"Lee and his team at Power Funnels not only helped me create a better online business platform and presence, he also redesigned my business concept completely. This new concept helped me generate more clientele and simplified my company’s complex booking and scheduling system. He showed me how to implement better business tactics that saved me time and money; everything a business owner wants! He worked with me to simplify the technicalities of my business down to the smallest of details. He designs a plan catered to your business by focussing on your business’s niche qualities that enable you to better compete. His honesty, attention to detail and creative mind are a pleasure to work with. I will always choose to work with Lee and his team for all of my future business endeavours. "

James Cochran

Financial Advisor

"Lee is an excellent person to work with. He gets you thinking about the big picture of your business plan and helps you see things you may not have considered. You have a plan in your head but don’t know the details yet; Lee and his team will get you focused and understanding how to turn your vision into reality. Their method lets you visualize and start mapping the necessary steps to achieve your goal. I had the pleasure of building my 1 year business plan with them and I just wanted to say: Lee specifically brings out your best version of you. "

Eric Velasquez

Professional Artist

"Lee is one of the most professional and talented individuals in Digital Marketing that I know. When I worked with Lee and his team, they laid out multiple professional strategies for my business and helped me execute them to perfection. Power Funnels and I have worked on multiple projects together and because of their experience and passion, we all have created a very successful working relationship. If you want someone who is dedicated, smart, and can help you achieve your goals, then Mr. Futcher is your guy (as well as his talented team). www.SlickNTwstd.com "

Jared Cattoor

Self Development Coach & Professional Artist

"Lee and I have been working together for over 6 months on a variety projects and campaigns with clients from all over the world. Over these 6 months, I have noticed that Lee not only extremely ambitious for his age, but he also presents high-level skills in the online world. His specialities consist of Traffic Generation through Facebook Advertising and Sales Funnel development, and because of these skills, he makes a strong addition to any client or team. Recently, Lee has been helping me with Traffic generation strategies through Facebook Advertising to push my Indiegogo campaign for my newest album “The Things We Love”. When breaking down different strategies and metrics to follow, Lee talks with a calculated and knowledgable approach but breaks it down a simple manner (which makes it easier for me to understand as I have no idea what alot of the technical terms mean. All in all, Lee is awesome to work with, and I really value our time together as well as his experience in Digital Marketing. Jared Cattoor | DYI (Dominate Your Life) | Two Cities One World "

Shaun Karp

CEO & Founder Karp Fitness | Karp Homecare | Karp Rehab

"Lee Futcher has been providing Social Media Marketing support for Karp Health Services for 3 years. He is reliable and easy to work with and he has an endless amount of creative ideas. I highly recommend his services!"