Switch to Mobile-first Website Design in 2022

A jar of marijuana sits on top of a scale.

One of the important things your business website needs to do is to maintain high rankings in the SERPs. This is achieved by different things, primarily with effective SEO techniques and quality content.

With that in mind, the design and technical specifications of the website can never be ignored, and it is important that your website visitors are getting an exceptional viewing experience on every device.

Today, there are countless options – including desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones – all with different screen sizes. A responsive website design provides a “one-size-fits-all” approach to this new technological evolution. A responsive website makes your website design compact, flexible, and there is no need of dealing with a separate website design for mobiles.

So, why would people choose a mobile-first website over a responsive design?

Most users are completely dependent on their mobiles and so it becomes essential for any business to know its audience. To ensure your business’s long-term success, you might need a website design that is mobile-first and not just mobile-friendly.

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Mobile-first Design Website?

Mobile-first design means designing the website for mobiles first and then enhancing it to fit the larger screens.

  • Google uses the mobile version for indexing and ranking. Google search algorithms look at the content of the mobile phone version of the website to index and rank it in SERPs. This is due to an exceptional increase in mobile traffic every year.
  • Mobile-first websites offer exceptional user experience. When developers work with smaller screens, they prioritize the most important aspects of the product or service. This translates to a functionally well layout that is designed for smooth and quick touch rather than the desktop click. For example, there will be more interactive buttons rather than text links.
  • The significance of mobile-first website design is borne out because more businesses market via smartphones compared to other traditional channels like T.V or print. Social media advertisements generally have engaging animations and media consumption is highest on mobile devices.

If you are running a cannabis dispensary and want to attract your target audience, but still not sure whether you could benefit from redesigning your existing website to a mobile-first design, consult a professional cannabis dispensary digital marketing agency. Professional designers develop websites keeping the mobile audience as a priority. Give neat and clean user experience on mobiles with the help of professionals.

Final thoughts

While the responsive design approach can give positive results, the mobile-first design seems to be effective as this will be most viewers’ first experience with your website. Choosing a mobile-first design will not only help your business reap the rewards of mobile growth today, but will also prepare you for the exceptional growth in the near future. Contact us today to know more about our digital marketing services.