Should You Expand Your Website Pages or Write Blog Posts for SEO?

A stethoscope and pills on a white background.

Content marketing is highly focused on writing and distributing informative, engaging, and consistent content to attract and retain a targeted audience. With each search engine, algorithm update comes a deep understanding of what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to reaching at the top on SERPs.

Do you know the common thing that healthcare facilities deal with? Whether they should invest their time to update their healthcare website pages or blog posts.

While blog writing is an essential section of a healthcare website, the content pages are the most important part for SEO. This is so because the web pages of a healthcare website are mainly the primary source of healthcare information for visitors.

You want to send your existing and prospective patients to this valuable content to supply them with a thorough overview of what you offer. When comparing web pages and blog posts, each kind of content writing has a unique purpose that differs from the other.

Web pages are considered as the foundation of a website. Pages involve content that shows the most fundamental details about any healthcare topic, such as a medical procedure. Web pages are generally optimized for the primary topic, such as “tummy tuck procedure,” covering the essential information a patient should know before committing to this particular procedure.

Blog posts are used to supplement the purpose of the pages. Blogs include related topics that are not practical for the page, because of the specific nature of the topic (e.g., “New Abdominoplasty Procedure Receives FDA Approval”). Blog posting generally answers frequently asked questions, announce upcoming special events, or share industry news.

Blog Writing vs Web Pages Expansion

Enhancing your pages over time is essential, but so is updating your blog posts. When thinking which area to put maximum resources into, there is one rule to follow: Pages are the basic content of a healthcare website and should be at the top in content marketing strategy.

While blog posts rank higher in the SERPs, pages rank higher for the primary topics. As we all know that Google prefers content that is regularly updated, informative and relevant for users, pages should be viewed as not only the main source of information but also an evolving one that gets better day by day. The perfect way to SEO for Healthcare is to cater to your website visitors.

Final Thoughts

Having an experienced team as your partner offers you the best opportunity for ranking higher, so more potential patients find you online. At Power Funnels, we can help you optimize your content and find the proper balance of blogs, page expansions, and many more. Contact us today to know more about our exceptional SEO services.