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Of online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google & Bing.


Marketing Executives say on-page content development was the most effective SEO tactic.


Marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC.

Dominate The Rankings & Dominate Your Industry

Search Engine Optimization is at the core of what we do at Power Funnels. Owning a website without performing SEO is like having a car with no gas. It can sit there, simply existing, but it won’t get anywhere.

Key Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Increase Top Line Revenue
  • Generate Instant Credibility
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Driving Organic Performance & Sales

SEO is art. We believe in starting with a blank canvas with each new project. Our team of experts at Power Funnels obsesses over finding the right mix of items that will drive the most impactful results for each brand. Our job ultimately is to ensure your brand stands the test of time.
We are an agency consisting of passionate experts with over 50 years of combined SEO experience. Our resources and network extend to some of the most brilliant and capable experts in the field today.
With our experience and obsession with customer results, we guarantee that you will achieve your targets through our SEO programs.

  • Our SEO service is designed to ensure you reach your customers through the proper strategy and to lock in on your audience with our bullseye targeting approach.
  • Our SEO team is obsessed with client satisfaction and results – so we’ll utilize our team experience and resources to generate you real results.
  • We’ll approach your SEO strategy with a turn-key approach, from website optimization, competitor review, keyword research, and creating a healthy backlink profile, guaranteed to explode your business and its top-line revenue.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of getting your website to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search engines rank your site, but SEO is the result of making your website valuable for visitors, who could turn into potential customers or clients. At Power Funnels, we specialize in Search Engine Optimization, and we’re not successful unless our clients are successful. We’re ecstatic each time one of our clients reaches the first page of a Google search, and take pride in implementing digital marketing methods that will keep our clients’ website rankings high. We couple our on-site optimization techniques with off-site marketing methods to come up with customized strategies that are effective and have long-term benefits. Through keyword research, content editing and website audits, we have the ability to understand the online spaces that your customers visit most often.


Why is SEO So Important?

In the past, businesses relied on traditional advertising platforms to promote their product or service. For decades this, when done correctly, worked very well. It was a costly exercise and required a lot of exposure across multiple media channels to reach as many people as possible. Things have changed dramatically, and old school advertising is becoming increasingly less effective. These days, if someone is looking to purchase something, the vast majority of people will turn to Google and do a quick search for what they are looking for.
If you are not there, near the top of the search engine results page (SERP), you stand to lose an enormous amount of business. This trend is only going to grow and continue as technology advances, and more people and devices are connected to the internet. The sooner you get your SEO in order, the better your chances of future business success.


Grow Your Business With Our SEO Services

A top SEO agency like Power Funnels can help drive more traffic, create more business leads, and increase your sales. Because consumers are turning to the internet for advice on where to shop or what company to contact, optimal placement on Google’s search results will inherently generate more brand awareness and website traffic. People naturally believe that the companies at the top of the Google search results are the best, and customers are more likely to purchase from these top-ranking companies. The higher you show up on Google, the more brand recognition and recall your company will have when ready to make a purchase.

Power Funnels SEO Services Consist Of:

  • 1) Local SEO Marketing

    Our marketing team will make your company especially attractive to potential customers who live in your area. When your business is seen as both qualified and convenient, you’re likely to increase your customer base.

  • 2) Organic SEO Marketing

    We’ll promote your company online by focusing on the quality items you offer. This allows you to attract clients from all over the world.

  • 3) SEO Audits

    We’ll review the website against a checklist and come up with suggestions of what needs to be fixed.

  • 4) Research & Analysis

    As SEO experts we will do an audit of your current situation and develop a plan of action to improve your SEO and get you the results you are looking for. The great thing about SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) is it is highly measurable.

  • 5) Keyword Research

    Good SEO and SEO marketing will give your site and your company credibility, exposure, and a cost effective way of reaching out to your customers and potential customers.

  • 6) On Site Coding & Implementation

    We can show you proof of the improvements in your page ranking, and you will be able to measure your return on investment. Numerous techniques are used to get your business on the first page of major search engines.

  • 7) Rankings Report & Tracking

    Power Funnels is here to make sure your site appears on that first page so that you can acquire and retain new customers on a regular basis. Our SEO services are based on years of extensive research, and we continue to learn new strategies to improve our techniques to make sure we remain the leader in SEO services.

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The decision to work with Power Funnels was a key factor in the growth of our success. We have increased sales despite the global pandemic with key marketing strategies and decisive planning to help guide how our ads are hitting our buying demographic.

Lee and his entire team are extremely professional.  We have worked with many local companies and often they were not available to answer our questions and just did a poor job in general. I was a bit nervous about going with a marketing firm not based in the same city as our head office.

I have to say that Lee and his team have exceeded our expectations. As a business owner we all know that advertising and a strong lead generation system that delivers qualified leads is the engine of our business.

Would I recommend Power Funnels, 100% I would! You won’t regret it!!!

Barbara McBean
President & Founder
Eternal Beauty Institute & Plasma Lift

Why Work with Power Funnels?


We’re Experts

We’re leaders and experts in our own disciplines, and we’re passionate about making our clients money (and lots of it!)


We’re Obsessed With Results

Obsession for client results, superior customer service and digital innovation is what we live and breathe.


We’re The Silver Bullet You’ve Been Searching For

With our proven track record of rapidly increasing leads and online sales, your competitors will wish you never found us at all.

Ready To Grow?

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Lee and his whole team are a joy to work with. They are extremely responsive to all e-mails and are great at explaining how the entire process worked. On top of that, they improved our online presence immensely, and we are very grateful for that. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring SEO or PPC work!

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Lee helped us exceed our crowdfunding goals by more than 300% and exceed our ROAS expectations all within a very compressed 6-week schedule while providing exceptional customer service and genuine care for our business. Couldn’t recommend Lee and his team more!

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I’ve been working with Lee and his team over the past 4 years. One of the top campaigns that Lee and his team put together was our “Endorsed by Oprah and George Bush Senior” campaign which resulted in thousands of email sign-ups and 8 sculptures sold. We are more than happy to endorse Lee and his team for any of those who are needing an extra boost in their business.