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Your website has a ton of great information but your visitors are bound to get lost clicking through links and checking out your offerings. Wouldn’t it be great if you could gently guide them where you want them to go?


Think of a sales funnel as an expert salesman; sending site visitors on a direct path to your objective, whether it’s capturing an email address or selling your products or services.

Accelerate your brand’s year-over-year growth and increase your overall revenue.

Automate your business and convert more visitors into recurring revenue.

Save on marketing dollars and get your time back so you can enjoy life.

Do you have a “traditional” website?
Most businesses do.

You spend a few thousand dollars (some a lot more) and get yourself a “presence” online. This is going to enhance your brand, and even bring in a lot more sales every month.


Maybe your business is primarily an online business, in which your website is even more critical to your success?

The sad truth is, however, that over 90% of all websites make the business little to no MONEY.


You may justify it by saying your site is bringing “brand awareness” and lots of people are finding you every month because of it.


Or maybe you’ve got something that’s working pretty well to drive new clients into your business already so you just haven’t had the time to mess with it.


Regardless of your situation, what I’m about to introduce you to in the next few minutes could dramatically change your business FOREVER. It’s very exciting and the team here at Power Funnels can’t wait to share it with you.

But first, let’s talk about the truth behind a typical website.

We’re not just your ad manager, but your strategic marketing partner. We supercharge your in-house capabilities with expertise, collaboration, and superior execution. Let’s Power Up Your Funnels!
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A Website Is Expensive

For a quality UIX with catchy designs, a mobile friendly build etc, you can easily spend $5k –  $25k.

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You Need A Programmer To Do Everything

99% of business owners have no clue how to make changes to their website and thus if something needs to be changed or fixed it requires a programmer to be paid. This not only costs continuous money, but it takes a fair amount of time to complete often simple projects.

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It Takes A Long Time To Build

A website can take 60-90 days to build, and that’s IF you are lucky to hire a company/person that meets deadlines and delivers top quality on the first try.

You’ll almost definitely encounter roadblocks (missed deadlines, quality problems, site not functioning correctly, etc) and it can easily average 6 months to completion.

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You Can’t Easily Test Your Design/Approach

The typical website is built with pretty much ONE strategy, and if you discover down the line this isn’t resulting in a high amount of leads and sales, well guess what? Your SOL… now you have to pay someone else to build a completely new site to hopefully fix the problem, of which is anything but guaranteed to work the 2nd time.


And when you do want to use testing, it’s not only expensive but once again time consuming to complete these rather simple tasks.

Have you encountered this already?

Not only can the experience of building a website take forever, cost you a fortune and be frustrating to make changes to… but your website may not even be bringing in new leads or sales at all.


That’s why you need something better. A tool that’s designed to give you the power to rapidly test, tweak and optimize the way your business generates LEADS and makes SALES. The most important aspects of any business. Because without them, you’d go broke.

Are You A Victim Of This?

On average, over 80% of businesses build a website and then that’s it.

They don’t do any kind of testing to determine IF this website is even doing it’s primary #1 job, which is to sell your products or services.

Path A

Emily hires a web development company to design a website for $5k.


She uses deal sites and other forms of ads to drum up new business, and everything includes her website.


Lots of people go to Emily’s website before deciding if they should book an appointment or not.


However, her site isn’t designed very well to generate these leads. Instead, the site is more info driven which consists of talking about Emily’s practice and the office, staff etc. There’s a button to schedule a free consultation along with phone number and email too… but what Emily doesn’t know is out of every 100 visitors to her site only 1-2 people are calling or booking a consultation.


It costs Emily money in advertising to get these people to her site in the first place, which is important to remember.

Path B

Emily has lunch with a marketing agency that recommends building her a “sales funnel” style website.


She pays the same $5k for this, however, it not only includes the build but also management and optimization for a period of 30-60 days after, to ensure this thing is actually working.


There’s a home page, much like a traditional website, however instead of being designed to talk about the practice, staff and Emily it’s designed to generate consultations and phone calls.


This is done via multiple call to action buttons on the page, along with secondary strategies like a promo offer graphic on the right sidebar or in the header.


The marketing agency tests lots of different pages to send traffic to, and finds that one in particular is getting 20% conversions… so for every 100 visitors to the page 20/100 are booking a consultation.

The cost of sending these 100 visitors to the page does not change from path A, it’s the same amount in advertising spend.


However, Emily is now getting 10-20x more customers into her practice thanks to her sales funnel style website.

Many people are a victim of path A, and the most serious problem is THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW PATH B EXISTS. They have no clue the potential they are missing out on, and what could be possible if they only knew a better way.


The decision to work with Power Funnels was a key factor in the growth of our success. We have increased sales despite the global pandemic with key marketing strategies and decisive planning to help guide how our ads are hitting our buying demographic.  


Lee and his entire team are extremely professional.  We have worked with many local companies and often they were not available to answer our questions and just did a poor job in general. I was a bit nervous about going with a marketing firm not based in the same city as our head office.  


I have to say that Lee and his team have exceeded our expectations.  As a business owner we all know that advertising and a strong lead generation system that delivers qualified leads is the engine of our business. 


Would I recommend Power Funnels, 100% I would! You won’t regret it!!! 


Barbara McBean

President & Founder

Eternal Beauty Institute & Plasma Lift 

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Ready To Grow?

Take the next step in growing your business using digital marketing. Fill in the form below and one of our marketing experts will connect with you to learn more about your business and your targets. We’ll then send you a service proposal free of charge.

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Lee and his whole team are a joy to work with. They are extremely responsive to all e-mails and are great at explaining how the entire process worked. On top of that, they improved our online presence immensely, and we are very grateful for that. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring SEO or PPC work!




Lee helped us exceed our crowdfunding goals by more than 300% and exceed our ROAS expectations all within a very compressed 6 week schedule while providing exceptional customer service and genuine care for our business. Couldn’t recommend Lee and his team more!




I’ve been working with Lee and his team over the past 4 years. One of the top campaigns that Lee and his team put together was our “Endorsed by Oprah and George Bush Senior” campaign which resulted in thousands of email sign-ups and 8 sculptures sold. We are more than happy to endorse Lee and his team for any of those who are needing an extra boost in their business.