Represent Your CBD Business with a Solid Logo Design

A shopping cart with a marijuana plant in it.

If you can easily recognize a business just by looking at a familiar shape or a color combination, you already know the significance of a solid logo design. When your customers see your business logo, you want them to know its synonymous with what your business stands for, whether that’s quality products, exceptional customer service, affordable prices, or something else.

But when it comes to logo design for your CBD brand, there are some interesting things. Your business logo is the face of your CBD brand. Your logo design should express the essence of your brand name and communicate what your product is all about through unique graphics, color, type and shapes. No matter what your business focus is, your logo should reflect it perfectly.

The shape, color, and font for your logo design depend on your brand personality. In short, rounded lines, hand-drawn imperfections and warmer colors are friendlier, more attractive and more inviting. On the other hand, straight lines, clean edges and cooler, neutral colors are more formal and offer the impression of great professionalism.

Stand Out with Your Cannabis Business Logo Design


Filling up as much negative space might make sense. You want to use every inch of your space to convey actual meaning. But, the fact is filling up negative space can make your logo design cluttered. When there is too much going on, it is hard to get your message across. Instead, you can simply create unique shapes with negative space.


You can make use of lines to divide space, make new connections, and even create stylish objects. Consider the thickness of your lines and what your lines represent about your brand name. You may choose to make no use of lines in your business logo, or you may want to make your logo design full of lines. You can use lines in a different manner, like above, or you can use lines to make solid designs. It all depends on how you want your customers to identify with your brand.


Colors are considered as one of the solid branding components, and for good reason. Keep in mind that poor use of color can harm your brand name. If your logo is difficult to look at or if it strains the eyes, it can affect how people perceive your business.

Creating a remarkable logo design is just one part of the branding process. Logo design is an art, so don’t hesitate to take the help of a professional Cannabis Marketing agency to create the perfect logo for you. A professional designer can take your business values and brand message and turn them into a logo that perfectly conveys your brand’s message.

Final Thoughts

Your logo is just one part of your overall brand, but it is the strong foundation around which you will build the story of your business. At Power Funnels, we can help you brand, develop, market and scale your business to new heights, providing new revenue ways and source of customers. Build your cannabis brand with an exceptional logo design.