High Paying Referral Program

No matter what, you will earn.

What is Power Funnel’s Referral Program?

How our referral program works is that when you refer a family member, friend and or business connection to Power Funnels, and if your referral turns into a paying customer, you will receive a 10% commission every month, until if and when the client stops working with Power Funnels. (Don’t worry, our clients love us and usually stay with us for years!)

For example: If you refer a new client who signs up for our $3000 per month SEO package, then you will earn $300 every month. The more clients (or the bigger those clients are) the more you will earn. It really is that simple!

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Perks & Benefits

Refer a interested business owner to Power Funnels, and receive a MONTHLY 10% commission — if your referral turns into a paying customer. We will pay you monthly until the client stops working with Power Funnels. Yes, you heard that right!


Client Lifetime 10% Commission (Paid Monthly)

Our referral sources receive 10% commission for their referral – of course if the referral turns into a paying customer. There is no project size and project cost limitation allocated to it. That means, every small or big project referred by you, will help you earn a 10% commission from it – until if and when the client ends their arrangement with Power Funnels.


Expert Support & Resources

For any kind of support, you or your referrals can reach out to us at any time. Our experts will equip you with whatever information you need to educate an interested business owner. Including: A digital brochure (Service info, onboarding process, payment procedures), client case studies and proof of results. Whatever you need from us, you let us know.


We’re An Easy Sell

When referring us to a family member, friend or business connection, just remember that referring Power Funnels is an easy sell. We have over 300+ expert results that we can share with you or your referral. We have over 70+ reviews from happy clients, and we have won awards 3 times for our New York Times Best Seller campaigns.


Easy Payout Options

We offer flexible payment options. We pay by E-Transfer, PayPal or Stripe. You’ll receive payment the 1st of the following month.

Referral Program ​


  • I have a friend who is interested in your services! She needs a new website for her business. Where should I send her, and who should I introduce her to?

    That’s great to hear! To begin the process, please fill in the form above and one of our Business Development Specialists will contact her to start the conversation. We will make sure to send you an email update about our progress, every step of the way.

  • What is the monthly minimum budget to work with Power Funnels?

    We will work with clients who have at least $1000 to invest into our services. If you find a referral who can spend just under $1000, we encourage you to still fill in the form above and we can see if we can work together.

  • Who can I refer?

    Any person or business you wish. If you know anyone that could use a website rebuild, more leads for their business, and or more sales for their online product store, then you can earn by referring them and helping them out.

    Think about potential contacts you know, such as:

    1. Your employer
    2. Friends
    3. Family members who own their own businesses
    4. Business contacts and associates
    5. People you meet at networking events
  • When do I get paid?

    The 1st of the following month. For example, if you refer a client who signs up on January 1st, you will get paid 10% of their January invoice at the beginning of February.

  • How long do I get paid for each client?

    For as long as that client continues to work with Power Funnels! Some of our clients have worked with us for 7+ years.

  • Can I earn commissions for referring leads?

    At this stage, no. Commissions are earned after your referred leads sign up and pay for any form of our marketing services – whether one-off or recurring.

  • I can refer a lot of new clients! Is there anything special you can offer me?

    That’s fantastic! Depending on how many referrals that turn into paying clients, we can most certainly discuss offering you a higher commission structure or a deal on our marketing services for your business. Email Lee for more information: [email protected]

  • Why else should I refer clients to Power Funnels?

    You can rest assured that every client you refer is going to be looked after professionally, and receive fantastic digital marketing services that will bring them in new business and help them to achieve their goals.

    On top of the 10% commissions offered as standard, there are also special prizes and other bonuses for top referrers.

  • What links from your website should I send to an interested referral?

    We actually recommend that you fill in the form at the top of this page. This will ensure a smooth and effective process. But, you can most certainly send the following links if you would like:

    Results: https://www.power-funnels.com/results/

    Reviews: https://www.power-funnels.com/reviews/

    About: https://www.power-funnels.com/about-us/

    Services: https://www.power-funnels.com/services/