Promote Your CBD Business with Innovative CBD Marketing Techniques

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The CBD industry has seen exceptional growth in recent years and with all this development has come increased public awareness, as well as increased competition.

An effective marketing strategy is more important than ever for those looking to sell CBD products. Without the right marketing technique in the right place, your valuable brand has no way of reaching the target customers it needs to boost growth and thrive into the future.

For CBD Marketing, it is important to develop a practical marketing strategy and execute flawlessly. Here are the tips CBD marketers should follow when creating their next campaign:

Differentiate Your CBD Products

Generally, there is very little to differentiate CBD products. CBD oils, gummies and tinctures are oils, gummies and tinctures. Differentiation, therefore, should be through branding. Many CBD businesses have chosen to target the health and wellness industry, advertising CBD products as lifestyle boosters that can help consumers deal with pain, anxiety, insomnia etc. in a natural way.

By promoting your product as an all natural, healthy way to treat common ailments, marketers can target those who use pharmaceuticals while activating a vast market of people who are healthy, but are seeking to use CBD products as a life improving product.

Identify Your Target Audience

According to the recent research, CBD products hold more attraction for women than men and women generally prefer “softer” CBD products such as gummies, infused beverages, beauty products etc. while men prefer “harder” CBD products such as concentrates, vapes and tinctures.

Promote Feeling Based on Your Product

Promote feeling based on your product. Given the faceless nature of CBD brands and uniformity of the products they sell, smart marketers should remember that they are promoting a feeling as much as anything else.

Build Trust and Transparency

One of the most important reasons why people fail to try CBD product is because of fear about the effects of CBD on the body and the product quality or the supply chain. This is largely borne from ignorance. Despite its surging popularity, research shows that 60% of people don’t know what CBD actually is and don’t understand its effects. When a product is widely unknown and is also linked closely with psychoactive compounds, it is hardly surprising that some people are hesitant to put this substance into their bodies. In order to overcome this point, CBD product marketing should emphasize trust and transparency with regard to CBD sourcing.

Due to its connection to cannabis and hemp, CBD products have faced significant restrictions in terms of digital marketing. Google and Facebook, who dominate the digital ad space, both made promoting CBD products on their platform verboten.

If you run a CBD brand marketing agency, this obviously ties your hands and you need to understand the rules for marketing CBD on social media. Fortunately, times are changing. Facebook has recently loosened its CBD advertising rules, and will now allow a narrow category of digital CBD ads.

As CBD grows more mainstream and becomes fully legal in all state jurisdictions it’s very likely that restrictions on Facebook and Instagram will be lifted entirely. After all, that’s a very large pot of ad revenue Facebook is forgoing. Snapchat, meanwhile, takes a somewhat more liberal approach to CBD ads, and as a result is one of the most effective social platforms for CBD ads.

CBD advertisements have also faced some resistance from major digital publishers, who have banned CBD product marketing from some of their most popular websites. Third party marketing platforms specially designed for the cannabis and CBD markets have been created to help brands create an effective CBD marketing strategy for the digital channel.

These platforms use technology that verifies the ages of browsers and the states in which they are located in order to ensure they remain compliant with all relevant regulations. This is one smart approach that can help CBD brands negotiate the tricky task of staying compliant, while gaining critical access to high authority publishers.

Effective CBD brand marketing starts by having valuable organic content, effective cannabis SEO strategies, interactive websites, and attractive branding. Challenges that CBD business owners are facing are impossible advertising through paid acquisition and mainstream channels that are saturated.

Now they are left wondering how to promote their brand. This is where a professional cannabis marketing agency comes in. Unlike other firms, they are aware of the challenges involved in CBD marketing strategies and provide positive outcomes.

Whether you would like to use a CBD marketing agency or navigate your online CBD marketing strategies on your own, here are effective marketing methods.

Influencer Marketing

With this CBD marketing strategy, you hire people who have the power to influence your target audience. Influencers give recommendations and enhance the visibility of your brand. Online or social media influencers can help you to build your brand’s credibility by giving personal reviews publically. Some added benefits of influencer marketing are that it allows you to keep your content fresh, enhances SEO ranking by adding back-links and relevant cbd seo keywords, and generates sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based approach where businesses and brands reward affiliates for each sale they make or customers they bring in. Affiliates use their own efforts to market your brand. There are affiliates who share the same passion as CBD business owners and aim to bring awareness to the benefits of CBD products.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation and works like this: The CBD brand or company partners with affiliate marketers, then the affiliate partner promotes the hemp brand using their own sites, when a customer clicks on your cannabis product on their site, it is stored as a cookie on their computer. The customer is redirected to your CBD website where they can buy your product. Once the sale is confirmed, the SaaS platform or network will issue an agreed-upon commission to the affiliate marketer.

Native Advertising

Native advertising does not look like an ad. It is designed to look like it is part of the page or feed on the platform that the person is using. This makes it an effective method since people feel less persuaded making them more inclined to view the ad and purchase the product.

Examples of native advertising can be seen in an advert that comes up in their Facebook news feed, recommendations on an article you have read, or an ad listing on the top of your Google search results.

Using native advertising as a method of CBD marketing will require you to follow the guidelines that the different platforms stipulate, making it a less straightforward method for CBD businesses. Working with a CBD marketing agency may help you to navigate the rules and regulations to see more successful outcomes of native cannabis marketing approaches.

CBD Blogging

Paid advertising is not the only effective CBD marketing strategy. Blogs related to CBD can be a great way to advertise your business. A CBD blog is the perfect place to educate your audience by providing accurate and valuable information on your marijuana products. This allows them to purchase products specific to their needs or desires.

Additionally, this helps to create a connection with your customers and leads them to your website. Target people who are well qualified but uninformed about CBD products by writing on topics that people are interested in and are searching for.

Some of the searches might include: What is a CBD? CBD uses? Where can I buy CBD product? What are the risks involved with consuming CBD products?

Content Syndication Marketing

Content syndication is a CBD marketing strategy where your content is republished by a third party site. However, you will still be given credit as the original author. The post will look like any other posts on the guest’s site. The difference is that pieces of the content appear elsewhere and is indicated on the page.

Guest posting works by writing a blog for a related website or community blog. By sharing your content on this blog with a link to your website, you gain access to a new target audience. This CBD marketing strategy can be used to network and build relationships with other businesses, encourage SEO with backlinks, introduce your CBD brand to an already established community.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a widely used marketing strategy and can be seen on platforms such as YouTube. Using video advertising for CBD marketing has become a necessity. Video advertising is efficient and convenient for consumers. It is an easy and attractive way for CBD business owners to market their products.

Video advertising has shown to have a far-reaching effect. The benefit of using video advertising for CBD marketing is that you can advertise on online platforms without the associated rules since video advertising is not a paid acquisition.

Although CBD business owners may not have the freedom to monetize their CBD video using online platforms, they will still attract followers and bring attention to their CBD brand.

If you are looking for a creatively inspired CBD marketing campaign that engages audiences on a deeper level and gets them to convert, hire CBD Marketing professionals. Social networking platforms can make promoting CBD products challenging with their rules.

There are, however, ways to overcome these boundaries and a CBD marketing specialist can help you to navigate these. They offer the ability for you to use combined content marketing to meet your target audience where they spend most of their time. A CBD marketer will offer you invaluable knowledge and help you to set up for success in your CBD business.

Final Thoughts

CBD professionals know what’s happening in the CBD industry and are always ready for evolving regulations and industry standards. CBD brand marketers create highly compelling CBD campaigns and pair them with the right marketing strategy, ensuring that your messages are served to the most relevant audiences possible. Contact us today to know more about effective CBD marketing techniques.