Make Your Cannabis Brand Stand Out in the Crowd

A close up of a marijuana plant.

Creating a brand name from concept to shelf is not complicated. The fact is that if you concentrate on what both of your customers want, consumers and dispensary operators, your entry to the cannabis market can be easier than you imagine.

As the cannabis industry grows and consumers become more mainstream, this introduces new demands for your advertising and business operations to become more mainstream as well. The brands that can improve their operational and communication techniques across the whole supply chain are better poised to win their place on the shelf.

Represent Your Brand Properly

Have you ever been in the market to buy a product but need help deciding if its features and benefits match your requirements? Most cannabis dispensary customers face the same dilemma when choosing what to purchase the first time, so they either stick with the same product they have already purchased in the past, or they turn to the cannabis dispensary staff to educate them.

The initial step in developing an effective communication technique is to build rapport with the dispensary staff before your product is even on their shelf. Feed buyers and dispensary staff important, accurate product description that helps distinguish you from your competitors.

Promote Your Products Uniquely

One of the best ways to innovate is with the way of consumption. As we all are still in the early days of cannabis product innovation, having recently seen cannabis products such as cannabis beverages create their own emerging segment in the industry. So, you just need to think about the countless ways cannabis can be consumed and enjoyed; it can be inhaled, ingested, applied transdermally, etc.


Being inconsistent, late on product deliveries, or poor communication strategies are  brand killers. Of course you started out with the best of intentions but the day-to-day challenges of running a cannabis business begin to overtake your ability to deliver an excellent customer experience. You need to invest early in the right tools and effective infrastructure that will enable you to scale your business with reliability and professionalism.

Improve Your Brand’s Appeal

The restrictions and huge costs of cannabis marketing can be a big hurdle for a new cannabis brand, particularly when looking at traditional media. You need to focus on building your brand personality so it takes on a life of its own and your clients become brand enthusiasts. Just think of some brand names you love, what is the personality of that particular product? Of course, the brand names you love have very clear and concise brand personalities.

Final thoughts

For businesses in the cannabis industry, advertising their cannabis brands can be difficult. You want to choose the most effective marketing techniques and implement a marketing strategy that will build brand awareness and drive traffic. At Power Funnels, we use specific SEO tactics to meet your unique challenges. Optimize your cannabis marketing strategies with us!