Incredible Ways to Display Your Cannabis Products in the Market

A person holding a cannabis leaf in front of a field.

You have top quality cannabis products that you want to showcase to the entire world, but how can you make it possible when people aren’t in your dispensary? There are several things you can do to make your cannabis products visible for your existing and potential customers. Let’s have a look on some effective ways.

Begin with an Ecommerce Store for Your Cannabis Brand

If your location allows, choose selling your cannabis products online by having ecommerce functionality to your existing business website. This is a superb choice for cannabis businesses. Design easy to use menu for your products, an online checkout process, a customer loyalty program, and pickup or delivery choices.

Ecommerce platform can help keep your existing customers and employees safe, while also ensuring that you can sell your products hassle-free.

Explain the Benefits of Using Cannabis

You might know the benefits of cannabis products, your bud tenders might know the difference, but do your potential customers have any idea about this?

It is quite simple to tell the benefits of the different cannabis products you offer when a customer is in front of you with queries about your cannabis products, but it is difficult to do that online. That’s why you need to explain the benefits of each strain very clearly.

In each of your product’s description on your business website and online promotions, make sure to add its benefits. Is this strain works well particularly for people suffering from insomnia, depression, or anxiety? Will it make the person feel euphoric, sleepy, or creative? Is it for cannabis beginners or long-term users?

Always remember that by only mentioning the THC/CBD ratio and strain might not be enough information for beginners, so the more information you can share, the more the chance they will buy your quality products.

Offer Discounts and Attractive Deals

If your location allows, you can encourage people to head over to your cannabis dispensary by offering exceptional deals and big discounts on certain cannabis products. Offer attractive deals regularly. You can add deals and special offers on your business website’s home page, but you can choose more creative ways, too, in order to enhance your reach. Post your offers on your social media profiles, via emails, or with a group text campaigns.

Create Engaging Videos of Your Products

Of course, you can easily click all the pictures of your quality buds that you would like, but at the end of the day they all look exactly alike. These pictures aren’t going to help your cannabis brand stand out from your competitors.

Instead, create cannabis product videos and post them on each your product’s page, as well as on your social media profiles and any time you share deals. Engaging product videos can be more interesting at promoting the benefits of your products.

Share Your Favorite Strains with Your Customers

One of the main things customers want to know is “What’s your favorite cannabis product?” they want to know your recommendations.

These types of questions are a perfect opportunity to showcase the right products that your customers will love. Unfortunately, these queries are lost if your customers aren’t physically in your dispensary.

The good news is that you can recreate this common scenario by featuring local bud tenders on your website and on social media. Have them share their favorite products and recommendations for common medical conditions. People believe people more than they believe ads, so staff picks are a great way to bring authenticity to your brand while helping you sell more of your top products.

Consumers’ Senses

Choosing cannabis products online is hard since you can’t rely on many of your senses. In the cannabis dispensary, people not only see but also often touch and smell the products, which may sway their buying decisions.

Always try to tap into your consumers’ senses by giving them detailed descriptions of your cannabis products that will make them feel like they smell the bud themselves.

Tell Your Customers about Different Recipes

Share creative ways to use your products with your consumers. Cannabis oils aren’t all that exciting on their own, but they can be easily transformed into delicious treats and drinks or turned into soothing skincare creams and lotions.

Also, tell your consumer about different recipes for foods, drinks, and other recipes that your customers can easily create using your quality products.

Partner with Your Manufacturers

Your cannabis manufacturers have a stake in your business success, so they might be willing to help you display their products effectively. Consider partnering with the vape brands you sell to create how-to videos. Your choices are limitless. You can share with your users how to care for accessories properly or how to pack a bowl the right way. Review different cannabis products from the manufacturer to help people make strong buying decisions.

Choose Professional Cannabis Marketing Agency

You know many things about your cannabis products, and digital marketing might not be your strong area. Choosing a creative cannabis marketing agency is the simplest way to differentiate your cannabis brand online from your competitors and start showcasing your quality products, so you can keep selling always.

Cannabis Advertising Techniques to Consider

As you market your cannabis business, there are some limitations on cannabis marketing and advertising that you will need to be aware of. The cannabis industry is highly regulated, and there are many restrictions on promoting cannabis and CBD products on the federal, state, and local level.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered as a strong digital marketing platform, no matter the business you are in. In the cannabis industry, social media hasn’t always been the friendliest place for businesses to promote themselves. You might have heard of cannabis social media accounts getting banned from social media platforms. Nevertheless, it is possible to be successful on social media platforms, and it is the perfect place to build a community around your cannabis brand.

Organic Social Media

When it comes to organic content, you will still need to comply with the terms of service; however there is a space to mention cannabis products explicitly in your posts. When planning content to post on different social media platforms, always consider your brand identity, your target market, and the platform itself.

When making your social media content calendar, consider content about your cannabis dispensary, staff spotlights, lifestyle content, informative content, and more. You need to make sure to carefully observe each platform’s community guidelines, and make it very clear that your profile is designed for people ages 21 and older.

Cannabis Dispensary SEO

Since several paid promotion options are unavailable to cannabis businesses, organic techniques like search engine optimization can be all that more effective. One of the most effective ways to get more brand exposure is to ensure people can find you online easily. SEO is the process of enhancing your business website in order to appear higher in search engine result pages for relevant searches.

There are many different strategies you can opt to optimize your cannabis business’s website. If the user is searching any particular term, you will want to take that into account when writing content for your website page. By understanding what people are actually looking for, you will be able to create a website that uses the same language they are using, whether it is for your home page, product descriptions, website headers, and more.

Also, in addition to the main content on your website, you can also post long content, such as blogs, articles and informational guides that answer queries your target audience has. Content creation is the main part of SEO, but there is also the more technical side of it. There is technical form of SEO, which includes your cannabis website architecture that ensures your website is well-structured on the back-end making it quite simpler for search engines to crawl.

Optimizing your cannabis website for search needs some serious technical know-how, so you may want to choose a professional Cannabis Marketing Agency to make sure it is done perfectly.

Video Marketing for Your Cannabis Brand

Video creation is the perfect thing for promoting your cannabis brand online. Since the cannabis industry is still emerging, people are looking for different reliable ways to educate themselves on the different cannabis products and their uses. And what’s the right way to teach people about your quality products? It is the video.

Recent research shows that people prefer choosing videos to learn about cannabis products, second only to physically going into any cannabis dispensary. By creating an engaging cannabis video content your audience craves, and giving them valuable information, you can attract a loyal and more qualified following.

On top of being a superb way to engage your target audience and build brand awareness, video creation works well with other parts of your marketing techniques – it is considered as an effective material to share on social media platforms, and it can enhance your presence in search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new thing, but it remains a solid marketing technique with high ROI. Email marketing allows you to deliver your business and product related messages straight to the inboxes of your target market, build up your solid contact database, and test different messaging to see what works best.

Email marketing is a superb way to inform your existing and potential customers about new product launches or dispensary locations, industry and company news, and offer content relevant to their interests.

No matter which platform you use for your cannabis brand promotion, designing a marketing campaign needs proper planning and strategy, so that you use each avenue perfectly. Every marketing campaign needs to begin with the goals to be successful. A campaign without any aim is like a throwing some marketing content out and hoping that it works. Of course, a marketing campaign is made up of content or ad creative. This is generally the element that most people think of first when they think of creating a marketing campaign. When putting together the real promotional materials for your marketing campaign, always begin with your target audience.

Before creating your next cannabis marketing campaign, always ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve, and how it serves your cannabis business strategy.

Final Thoughts

For any cannabis business, whether you are just launching or have been around for a while, getting the word out about your products is a key component to a healthy, growing business. Cannabis advertising moves quickly and you don’t want to use a marketing technique that everyone else stopped using years ago. That’s why it is quite important to update yourself with what’s trending. At Power Funnels, our professionals can help grow your cannabis business, improve sales, and set your cannabis brand apart from the competition. Contact us today to know more about our cannabis marketing tactics.