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Today’s Problem: Every effort to improve your digital presence hasn’t made a difference. You have tried healthcare search engine optimization on your own or you have hired a healthcare SEO agency to do it, but your website still isn’t ranking in Google search. Patients are choosing other facilities because they’re ranking higher online.
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1. Want to Outrank Your Competition in Search Results?
Maybe you have tried some of the advanced tactics that you researched, such as enhancing keywords, rewriting your content, and trying to understand how Google’s complicated algorithm updates impact your website. But, not getting desired results for your healthcare website. Contact our healthcare SEO professionals to implement all the right healthcare SEO strategies.
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2. Is Your SEO Strategy is Failing?

Perhaps you have even gone a step further trying A/B testing web pages, creating custom landing pages, using long-tail keywords and backlinking as well as conducting social media campaigns – all to attempt to drive your rankings higher. But despite trying all these strategies, you are still not ranking strongly on Google Page 1 and you continue to see your competitors ranking ahead of you.

At Power Funnels, we use specific SEO tactics to meet your unique challenges. Optimize your healthcare marketing strategies with us!

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When Power Funnels takes over your medical digital marketing, we don’t just hit the high points, such as adding a few keywords or building out your Facebook profile. We start from the ground and build up, developing a medical SEO strategy based on your brand identity, your corporate objectives, and your current strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses. Our strategies will identify where you can grow to help you reach your goals. When your site is not getting the traffic it should, and you are not seeing conversions, let the marketing professionals at Sequence Health give your site a big boost with powerful medical SEO tactics, which effectively work to increase the presence of your site organically. Let us be your healthcare SEO company and we will dominate your rankings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical SEO is a term used to describe search engine optimization (SEO) services provided to healthcare businesses, such as medical practices and clinics. Also called healthcare SEO, medical SEO is used to help people find healthcare businesses on Google and other search engines. As a top healthcare SEO agency, our team will help you create your SEO strategy with a clear action plan.
Doctors can benefit greatly from medical SEO. Medical SEO makes it easy for doctors to appear on the front page of Google. When people search for a specific type of doctor, such as “bariatric surgeon in texas”, medical SEO can help a doctor appear for those searches.
First, look at the results they’ve provided to clients. Power Funnels has a long list of satisfied customers for our medical SEO. We’ve been able to boost rankings for doctors all over the USA, and we can do the same for you. Call us to learn more!
Medical SEO makes it easy for people to find your healthcare business on the search engines. There are a lot of people searching various medical related terms, and several people who are actively searching for a medical practitioner that offers specific services. Medical SEO can help you reach those people. SEO for healthcare industry can be a complicated project, but our team of experts are battle tested and proven.
The Medic update happened in 2018, affecting many medical and health related websites. To improve search rankings after the update, continue to focus on core SEO principles and good content. Learn more about the Medic update here. Contact one of our experts to discuss your project for healthcare SEO services.

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