Submit Your Monthly Website Maintenance Requests In 4 Simple Steps

Join our project management system and assign your website requests to see your website updates expedited.

About Basecamp.

Basecamp is an industry-standard project management tool that puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It’s a calm organized way to manage projects, work with clients, and get real things done. Unlike email where everything starts disorganized and you have to constantly manage the chaos, Basecamp projects keep everything organized by default. Think of Basecamp as a digital notepad where you add your to-do’s, notes, and resources – and it keeps you absolutely accountable.

How Will You Utilize Basecamp?

As the client, you will use Basecamp to easily submit your website maintenance requests to your AM (Account Manager). Your AM will review your request and will respond back with a time quote. If you provide the green light, our development team will proceed with fulfilling your request within 4 business days. The task (and the amount of time it was quoted for) will be deducted from your monthly allotted website maintenance hours.

Basecamp logo on a white background.

Benefits of Basecamp:


Quickly assign tasks to your Account Manager.

Keep everything organized.

Have your website requests streamlined.



With over 7 years of high-level experience in web design and development, Waqas is one of the top developers at Power Funnels. Waqas has successfully completed hundreds of web-related projects over the past 2 years working with Power Funnels and is obsessed with client results and satisfaction.

How To Send Website Requests To Your Dedicated Account Manager

Easily submit a website maintenance request to your Account Manager via the Basecamp platform.

Lee fuchter invites you to join his basecamp.

Step 1: Accept Our Invitation To Join Basecamp

First, accept the invite to join our Basecamp workspace. Follow the instructions inside of the Basecamp invitation to create and setup your client profile.

Step 2: Navigate To The List Called “Current Month 2022 – Monthly Website Maintenance”

To submit a website maintenance request, click on your workspace inside of Basecamp. Then click on “To-do’s”, and scroll down to the list you’ve been invited to, which is called: X Month 2022 – Monthly Website Maintenance.

A screenshot of the powerfunnels workspace page.
A screenshot of a google calendar showing a to-do list.

Step 3: Fill In Your Website Maintenance Request & Assign It

A) Fill in the title: “Describe This To-Do”. Keep the title short and sweet.
B) Where it says “Assigned To”, type in ‘Waqas” who will be your Account Manager.
C) Where it says “When done, notify”, Type in Lee (who is the Chief Marketing Officer).
D) Where it says “Due on”, put the due date 4 business days apart from when the request was created.
E) Lastly, click on “Notes” and clearly explain your website request. At the end of your “notes”, type “@” and click on Waqas so he receives your explanation.

Then, click on “Add this to-do” and our team will receive your website request.

Step 4: Quote Process

Your Account Manager will review your request with our development team. You will then receive a response to your Basecamp task with a time quote. All you need to do is approve the quote, and then your website request will be officially placed into our development queue. You can then expect the task to be completed within 4 business days.

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