Common Website Design Errors that Affect Your SEO Efforts

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What’s the very first points that strike your mind when someone asks about SEO practices. Chances are you are thinking about relevant keyword research, informative content posting, and quality link building. These are considered strong elements of SEO techniques.

But even the engaging content with properly stuffed keywords and quality link-building strategy fails to increase ranking in the SERPs if your website is not properly designed.

SEO-friendly website design isn’t about creating an attractive website. Adding superior graphics, images, animation, and quality videos isn’t simply enough. You need to ensure that all these website elements work properly to support your SEO strategy.

Bad Website Navigation

Slow website speed isn’t the only reason visitors aren’t engaging with your business website. If your website architecture is too complex, visitors will experience difficulty navigating it.

This will increase their chances of turning back from your website without taking necessary action. It results in higher bounce rates and minimizes your website’s engagement metrics. Make sure your website is easily navigable by simplifying your website architecture.

Adding Text to Images

Adding quality images is important to grab the attention of website visitors. But if you overstuffed essential information on website images, you are creating a hurdle to rank for relevant keywords.

This is so because search engine spiders are designed to identify and understand textual content. When you add text to the images, search engines don’t consider the information. It adversely affects all your on-page optimization efforts. Also, it makes your business website inaccessible to people with visual impairments. Always use meaningful captions with images to avoid these issues.

An HTTP 404

An HTTP 404 error occurs when someone types an incorrect website URL or visits a broken link. There are many websites that redirect to a dedicated page that explains possible reasons for the error.

But if you are using an HTTP 404 to convey to visitors they have landed on a broken link, you are missing an opportunity to improve their website experience.

You can increase visitor engagement by adding links to the most-visited web pages or simply adding a link to your website’s home page. Another solid technique is to add a contact form that allows visitors to specify the information they were looking for on your website. You can reach out to them with links to the blog posts, or service pages.

If you are running a CBD business, hire professionals for CBD website marketing to ensure smooth navigation and an exceptional website experience to ensure the growth of your CBD brand.

Final thoughts

An attractive website might help you grab attention. Instead of over-creating an attractive website design, make sure it offers a flawless user experience. At Power-funnels, our professionals simplify the website navigation and add all other essential website elements to boost your SEO efforts. Contact us today to know more about effective web design services.