Max Yield Bins

From $0 Sales to $1,100,000 Sales In 12 Months

Grow Gourmet Mushrooms At Home

Whether you are a professional or beginner grower, we can provide you with the most efficient vessel to grow your gourmet mushrooms of choice. Max Yield Bins yield much larger harvests than mushroom grow kits, but don’t require the investment of industrial scale.

Project Name: Client Jumpstart

Client: Max Yield Bins

Project Commencement Date: November 12, 2020

Project URL: www.maxyieldbins.com

Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Client's Challenge

The client scheduled a meeting with Power Funnels, and explained to our team that they launched a business called Max Yield Bins but they were lost in regards to how to grow it.


At that time the client had a very basic and bare five page website that had next to no content or design elements.

Our Strategies

After having multiple strategy sessions with the client, we presented the following solutions:


  1. A website redesign
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Paid Social Advertising


Working with a CRO (conversion rate optimization) specialist, our team of marketing strategists and developers worked together to redesign the Max Yield Bins website to present an instantly professional and credible online brand. We incorporated bite sized pieces of information of unique content with selling points to engage the customers with a clean design. By doing so we were able to convert more customers which increased the conversion rate from 1% to over 2%.

3 Top Metrics

Sales: From $0 Sales to $1,100,000 Sales In 12 Months

Return-On-Ad-Spend: From 0X ROAS to 7X ROAS

Monthly Recurring Online Visitors: From 0 Visitors to 10,000 Monthly Recurring Online Visitors

Business Growth Graph
PPC Advertising - Power Funnels

How We Delivered These Numbers

Revenue Generating Platforms & Experience: We utilized the platforms below and applied over 150+ years of our team experience into the strategy and deployment. Platform Selection: Facebook / Instagram Advertising, Google / YouTube Advertising, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing.

Testing: We conducted rigorous prospecting to identify the best customer avatars that would purchase the product. We then dialed in on the personalization of the content and offers for the variety of customer avatars to decrease the CPA. (Cost-Per-Acquisition) and to increase the ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend).

Search Engine Optimization: Our experienced SEO team worked together to build a comprehensive keyword profile that would generate highly relevant search volume (and lots of it).

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